Meet Dee Scown

Dee Scown Gladstone South Australia
Dee Scown

Coach and author Dee Scown is one of our foundation members from Gladstone, South Australia. She has been a regular at our Port Pirie and online events, and has also been a speaker at several chapters.

Find out more about Dee in our Members Profile below:

What does your business do or offer? I am a coach and author, inspiring women to live lives beyond convention through one on one coaching and online offerings.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given? We all need coaches, even coaches need coaches.

What is one important lesson you’ve learned in business? Women have been raised to underestimate their abilities, once they change those false beliefs (and they can) they will achieve beyond their dreams.

Tell us a fact about you that most people wouldn’t know: I have ME/CFS and am supposed to be bedridden for life, I have been able to turn that around to redefine my future.

What did you do before becoming a woman in business? I have dabbled in business since the age of 19 while also working in numerous fields. Having travelled extensively in Australia my work life has been from fruit picking, trail ride leading through to corporate positions later in commercial leasing and engineering businesses. For the last 24 years I have been solely self employed.

What are your interests, or what do you do to maintain a work/life balance? I have horses, Natural Horsemanship is a passion, and I enjoy scrapbooking on those days that are too hot, cold or wet to be in the paddock.

What made you join the network? I was wanting to connect with other women in business in my area, but there was no way to do so until WIBRN, when I heard about this group and that they were coming to a town near me I was excited and relieved. Thank you Carolyn Jeffrey.

Want to know more about Dee?

Phone: 0428 622 111
Website: deescown.com.au