Meet our COVID-19 women’s Strike Force

For those who have had to close their businesses due to COVID-19, or those who have experienced a downturn, this can provide the opportunity to reach out to others within the network for assistance – whether personally or to help plan or get your business back on track.

We’ve put together a COVID-19 Strike Force from our membership who you can call upon and utilise their expertise in a variety of ways, knowing that they’re on your side and understand your situation.  We encourage you to reach out for assistance in these challenging times.

The following are the areas of need identified by our membership:

  • Websites
  • Business consulting/coaching/mentoring
  • Career counselling/coaching
  • Marketing, including social media
  • Rebranding
  • Counselling/mental health support
  • Technology
  • Training, particularly for online
  • HR
  • Home schooling

Websites/Marketing/Social Media assistance:

  • Updates to reflect changes in circumstances;
  • Addition of online shops;
  • Addition of online downloads and newsletter/communication signups;
  • Help to plan and schedule social media;
  • Opportunities to market, including developing and utilising mailing lists.

Members who can help:

Business consulting/coaching/mentoring:

  • Help with strategic planning to get you through the crisis;
  • Advice/assist with pivoting your business to survive;
  • A listening ear who understands business and who can make suggestions.

Members who can help:

Counselling/mental health support:

  • Assistance to overcome the grief associated with closing or mothballing your business;
  • Assistance to deal with dramatic and sudden changes to your lifestyle as a result of COVID-19;
  • Mental health support for you and your family struggling to face the challenges created by COVID-19.

Members who can help:

Career counselling/coaching/employment:

  • Assistance with resumes/cover letters/job seeking (some of us will need to temporarily return to employment);
  • Assistance with looking at the direction of your career and the skills you currently have or can build upon.

Members who can help:

Employment services:

Resumes/cover letters/interview prep:


Take the opportunity to tune up your brand with new artwork, better logo, brochures and other marketing collateral to help you stand out in a flooded market.

Members who can help:


You may need advice and assistance with setting your business up to operate remotely in this age of social distancing.

Members who can help:

Human Resources:

The range of new government policies can be overwhelming for many business owners and employers.  You may need assistance with:

  • Termination of your staff
  • Options to stand down your staff
  • Help with accessing JobKeeper and other government services

Members who can help:

Finance & Accounts

  • Understanding the government’s subsidies and how to access them,
  • Presentation of your accounts to be able to claim government assistance,
  • Financial assistance,
  • Help with accessing your superannuation,
  • Help in understanding and potentially changing your investment/superannuation portfolio

Members who can help:

Home Schooling:

Advice and support when home schooling children unable to attend school

Members who can help:

Please note:  The Women in Business Regional Network encourages you to support our members, but does not endorse the quality and qualifications of the members listed to provide the services and products.  The onus is on the clients to establish if the business and person is suitable for their requirements.