Member Teagan Cox is passionate about business

New member Teagan Cox knows that everybody is passionate about their business. She founded her business Error-Free Me to help those passionate business owners through her bespoke content services. Read more about Teagan and Error-Free Me here:

Name: Teagan Cox

Business Name: Error-Free Me

Phone Number: 0433 505 230

Website address:

Email address:

Physical address: Hackham West

What does your business do? I help passionate business owners build authentic customer relationships through bespoke content services. No matter where you are on your journey, I can help you with highly personalised services, from basic proofreading to blog post outlines, copywriting, SEO research, social media management, and more.

What area do you serve? I work on projects for clients across Australia, but offer in-person consults and meetings for all clients south of Adelaide, down to the Fleurieu.

How long have you been in business? I started freelancing in 2012, and have been working on my business full-time since around 2018.

Did you found the business? Yes

Please provide some dot points about your business journey:

  • While studying a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing, I undertook digital marketing units and courses with the goal of helping others grow their business digitally.
  • I began to work with small businesses and local brands because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to communicate and relate with their audience online, no matter their budget.
  • As a freelancer, I quickly learnt that running your own business is HARD, and there’s never enough time to do everything that you’d like to (or that you really need to). I saw the appeal of social media content kits, and noticed that a lot of brands were beginning to sound the same online. I decided to focus my business efforts on helping brands and business owners uncover their unique voice, helping them to stand out from competitors online.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  • A consistent brand voice is key to building great customer relationships.
  • Everybody is passionate about their business, and even “boring” topics can be compelling and interesting when they come from this place of passion.

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To network with local business women and learn why everyone loves what they do.