Problems solved at luncheon

Business women gathered at the Encounter Bay Bowling Club in May for a problem solving luncheon.

Working in teams the women brainstormed common problems facing many in business including a lack of time, staff management, email inbox overload and dealing with difficult customers. Similar sessions are being planned for the future with some of our other groups.

As it is an election campaign for the seat of Mayo Liberal candidate Georgina Downer accepted an invitation to join us to hear about some of the problems facing women in business.  Centre Alliance candidate Rebekha Sharkie had a prior commitment and was unable to attend.

Click on the following links to read some of the insights from the workshop:

My staff won’t do what I want them to do!

Not enough time in the day

Email Inbox Overload

Dealing with difficult customers


Picture: Liberal candidate for Mayo Georgina Downer chats to members Karen Preston and Meredith Abbott to help solve some common business problems.