Retreat for program to help women start in business

South Australia’s newest program to help women incubate their businesses held their first retreat in Port Elliot over the weekend.

Four groups of women have come together in this unique program to develop their own social impact co-op. 

To get into the program the women had to demonstrate they had the beginnings of an idea, were willing to form into a group to get the idea to market and had some challenges in getting things off the ground. 

The Incubator, is a program of the Hen House Co-op, founded by Moira Were AM.

Ms Were said some of the women were survivors of domestic violence, others are living in regional SA, some have limited digital literacy and others may have had difficulty finding employment. 

Local members and supporters of the Women in Business Regional Network Carolyn Jeffrey, Olivia Knott and Bronwyn Lewis also assisted during the weekend retreat.  Victor Harbor’s Rommie Corso of Hardshell Publishing is also part of the publishing “clutch”.

Ms Were, who is the 100th member of the Women in Business Regional Network, is a serial social entrepreneur working to close the gender investment gap.

She has high hopes for the Incubator program.

“These outstanding women are tenacious and brave. They have already overcome adversity and watch out world for what they will be bringing to market soon. 

“One group is almost exclusively from regional SA and they are planning on creating a women’s publishing house to bring the hidden figures of South Australia to a wider audience.”

If you would like to follow their journey or learn more about the Hen House or join the movement to close the gender investment gap sign up at www.henhouse.coop.

Participants in the Hen House retreat held at Port Elliot from June 21-23.