Stephanie to hit trail for mental health

Women in Business Regional Network member Stephanie Altus of Victor Harbor has set herself a goal – to walk the Camino Trail and to raise funds to help people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
She has established 1 Big Goal which she describes as a work in progress as she continues her training and starts to bring together ideas to create a new small business.
Here she talks about her recent journey.
The past few weeks have seen a significant increase in my fitness and strength through walking, swimming and working with a physio and long distance hiking personal trainer. Over the coming weeks I will be adding more trail walks and have set small goals around what trails I will be attempting in the four months before I head off. I am learning about so many beautiful trail walks that we have in and around our local area and the wider Adelaide region.
Walking the Camino is a fund raising event and I have teamed up with the charity Black Dog Institute, to raise much needed funds for this organisation to continue the work it does in relation to mental health. The specific program I am supporting is Exercise Your Mood. It aims to encourage people to use physical activity to improve their mental health, and it fits perfectly with my own journey.
My book transcript is complete and is now almost ready to send off to the publishers. It shares my journey through PTSD and how my dream job (as an ambulance paramedic) turned into a nightmare until I was able to work through the PTSD and onto recovery.
I am in the planning stages of having my business up and running early in the new year, and am learning that there is a lot of background work that goes into starting up any business. More than that, it takes a lot of focus, determination, dedication and maybe a touch of massive optimism to begin with a small idea and turn it into a business idea that adds value to its customers and income to its owner. New business start-up and ownership is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
What I love most about this new path I am on, is how much I can support other small businesses in the local area when I am sourcing services that are needed along the way to achieving my goals.
A link to my charity page is included and all donations and support would be gratefully received. I aim to raise at least $5,000 for  Black Dog Institute.
PTSD is a cruel disorder that can take a person to a very dark place. Emergency service workers deal with scenarios of chaos and horror on many occasions throughout their careers and that cannot help but to have an impact on them. We choose this profession understanding of the potential for what we may encounter, but none of us have any way of  knowing how it will affect us before it happens. Having battled PTSD through my years of service, I am now using exercise and a more healthy lifestyle to improve my ability to deal with the memories I live with, and having my Camino walk to raise money for a worthy cause, has given me a positive focus to work towards. If my story inspires even just one person to seek help and improve their own mental and physical health, then it is absolutely worth it.
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