Time to reflect on your business

In this article transformational educator and foundation member Rosemary Killip asks us to reflect upon our businesses and declutter before the start of the new year by asking just three simple questions.

Some people make New Year’s resolutions.

Some people do vision boards to visually represent their goals for the year (law of attraction style).

In business we are told to have a business plan that reaches out a three to five-year window with quarterly objectives.

And some of us just wing it.

Before we can take on new projects and new directions, we need to declutter what exists.

So, before the year ends take a moment to reflect in these three questions:

1.     What will I keep doing?

  • It’s earning me good $
  • I love doing it
  • It serves the community

2. What do I hate doing and need to delegate or hire in help for?

  • Often something that is not our skill but we feel we have to because it’s our business
  • Often something you avoid doing (e.g. Taxes, compliance, HR stuff)
  • Sometimes it’s sales calls.  Many self-employed women I’ve met hate selling even when they are taught how to

3.     What will you drop?

  • Clients, suppliers, staff issues that need to be “dropped” or sorted out once and for all.
  • Habits or attitudes that no longer serve you

The drop part is the way to declutter and to start 2019 afresh.

Make the list then take action. Wrap this stuff up before you close down for Christmas. Don’t leave it hanging over for another New Year.

Start the New Year afresh with this declutter and get ready for new magic.

*Rosemary Killip will be the guest presenter at our January Women in Business Regional Network functions in Strathalbyn and Victor Harbor.  Visit the EVENTS tab for more details.