Win $200 worth of graphic design for your business

Powdermonkey Design win $200

Adelaide Hills member Demelza Thorpe of Powdermonkey Design is seeking input from women in business as part of her research into the relationship between design and business. And she’s offering participants the chance to win $200 in graphic design.

What does graphic design do for small business?

When starting out as small business owners, we are often forced to take on a variety of different roles outside of our main skill set or qualification – bookkeeper, administrator, IT expert, social media manager. It’s a time-consuming process, sometimes exhausting and often rewarding as we learn more about our business and how it runs best.

Spending time on bookkeeping or solving your IT problems are probably no-brainers, It’s got to be done. But where does graphic design fit in to the mix? What is it even, and why does my business need it? And for those of us already spending time designing marketing materials for our businesses, it’s often hard to know what skills or apps could help us most, or when to DIY and when (and how) to hire a professional.

Freelance graphic designer Demelza Thorpe from Powdermonkey Design is taking a deep dive into these questions and more, as part of her research into the relationship between business and design. Her Business & Design survey polls small business owners for their thoughts on the value of graphic design, learning and using DIY design skills within the business and their experiences with collaborating with professional designers. The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete and is mostly made up of simple, multiple choice questions.

The best part is that everyone that completes the survey goes into a draw to win a $200 Powdermonkey Design voucher! That means $200 to spend on website design, a new logo, print, digital or even animated graphics.

The competition is open until the 29th February and can be found at The promo terms and conditions are available at the Powdermonkey Design website: