From Port Pirie welcome Robyn Rosenzweig

Robyn Rosenzweig wants to make a difference to the amount of plastic being used in the home, so with her daughter she has set up their new business “Your Plastic Free Pantry” in Port Pirie. Read more about their exciting new business:

Robyn Rosenzweig

Name: Robyn Rosenzweig

Business Name: Your Plastic Free Pantry

Phone Number: 0414 466 253

Email address: yourplasticfreepantry@gmail.com

Website address: Your Plastic Free Pantry

Physical address: 19 Afford Road, Port Pirie South, SA 5540

What does your business do? An environmentally cautious refill shop in Port Pirie, run by a mother – daughter duo. Providing everyday pantry items, cleaning products and toiletries without the hassle of unwanted single use plastic at an affordable price. You bring your own refillable containers!

How long have you been in business? 6 months

Did you found the business? yes

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To connect with other like minded women!