Karin Prince is helping food businesses with food safety

Frustrated by the lack of accessible assistance for food businesses struggling to comply with Food Safety requirements, Karin Prince decided it was an issue she could do something about. She has founded her new business The Food Safety Coach and is looking forward to using her knowledge and expertise to help businesses serve safe food. Find out more about Karin:

Name: Karin Prince

Business Name: The Food Safety Coach

Phone Number: 0402 690 503

Email address: info@thefoodsafetycoach.com.au

Physical address: Seaford, SA

What does your business do? The Food Safety Coach provides specialised Food Safety Management System (FSMS) coaching, training and consultancy for food businesses or organisations that serve food to vulnerable people. This includes help with navigating food safety legislative requirements and best practice, complying with food safety audits and up skilling all levels of staff and/or volunteers to enable them to provide the safest food to their vulnerable consumers. The creation of a solid FSMS enables food businesses and organisations to confidently manage their food safety risks, while also benefiting from a system that is able to be managed with ease, leading to a much more smoother operation. Knowing that they have a purposeful and compliant system in place will not only protect their vulnerable consumers, but the business and the people within it.

What area do you serve? Australia

How long have you been in business? Two months

Did you found the business? Yes

Please provide up to 5 dot points about your business journey:

  • Why I started my business – I worked 19 years total in Local & State Government in South Australia, as an Environmental Health Officer & Regulatory Food Safety Auditor.
  • The last 13 years, I’ve specialised in auditing high-risk food businesses, such as both metro and regional hospitals, aged & child care centres and organisations that deliver food to vulnerable people in their own homes.
  • I found myself frustrated with food businesses that struggle to comply with Food Safety requirements, not necessarily the fault of the people within the business, but due to the lack of help that is accessible to these businesses, especially for the specialised and quality of assistance they really need.
  • With my professional background, topped with my personal experiences of caring for family members that were and currently are vulnerable, this gives me the fire to live life with purpose and do all that I can to protect those that are vulnerable in our community.
  • It has taken an ongoing personal journey to reach the beginning of my business journey…I’m looking forward to getting out there and helping businesses serve safe food.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  • It doesn’t matter where you’re from and if you are a shy person at heart, nothing can stop you from making a difference when you keep on taking small steps toward your purpose.
  • Just be yourself!

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? I joined the WIB Network to meet and learn from other women in local business, those that are similar to me and have just started to those that have been doing this for years. If I can help others in the network, I would gladly take the opportunity.