Liana develops better leaders

Leadership is a focus for the Women in Business Regional Network and we’ve recently welcomed Liana Allison to our membership. Liana has been operating the Institute of Empathetic Leadership for the past 15 years.

Liana Allison with Jillian Michaels

You can read more about her business and her personal journey in the profile below.

Name:  Liana Allison

Business: Institute Of Empathic Leadership

Phone: 0418 542 325

Location: McLaren Vale

Email: liana931@gmail.com

What does your business do? I am a leading authority in helping strong female leaders who think they have to constantly wear a protective mask, disconnecting them from others and themselves, to feel courageous again so they can find their compassionate power from their hearts and souls.

Problems I solve:

  • You often react emotionally to others, not being able to respond from a place of deep connection to yourself which ultimately blocks you from finding your true purpose in life
  • You overthink challenging situations trying to find the perfect solution through your mind and logic, trapping you in a mental cycle which is causes anxiety and mental stress
  •  You feel your strong individualism separates and disconnects you from others, like a protective mask, making it difficult to let anyone in

Outcomes I generate:

  • Being able to stop reacting to external triggers so you can be confident in yourself again and feel strong and courageous.
  • Make decisions consciously from a balance of logic and emotions, so that you have no resistance to move forward, and with no doubt that you are on track
  • Finding a deeper meaning that enables you to contribute to the world in a way that is meaningful, from your heart and soul
  • Discover your emotional confidence to drop your protective behaviour so you can open up your heart and tap into your soft and compassionate power.

Solutions I provide:

  • You need to find the wisdom in all your emotions and how they serve you, to stay centred and strong in any situation
  • You need to find the emotion behind the thought so you can see what is driving you on an emotional level, which allows you to follow what you really want and find your true self
  • You need to discover the value of your emotions and how they guide you to find your authentic self through the power of your vulnerability, to be able to connect with others
  • Subconscious clarity

Be the person your clients want you to be… highly engaged, emotionally intelligent, understands their needs, reacts accordingly and delivers a personalised solution.

What area do you serve? I work online so I can help anyone within the network.

How long have you been in business? 15 years

Please provide up to 5 dot points about your business journey:

  • I have been a regional girl most of my life, having grown up near Roxby Downs, moved to Lewiston, and owned and worked in our own tourism business, first in the Grampians in Vic and at Renmark.
  • It was my business style that led to a physical, mental and emotional meltdown and burnout. I have been on a journey of self-discovery since then so that now I have the tools and wisdom to do life and business my way, and even better I get to Mentor others in finding their way.
  • It is my passion to continue to help people change into the person they are meant to be and they can live life from the inside out.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  • I’ve learnt that Emotional Intelligence is a vital skill to have to succeed in any realm of life and business.
  • I’ve also learnt that all my problems hold the answers that solve those problems. It is also where my biggest gifts lie.

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To learn from others, to support others and to help the women of Regional Australia have the success they deserve.