Meet Carrie Rodda from the Mobo Group

Located in Berri, one of our newest members Carrie Rodda works for the Mobo Group. Read more about Carrie:

Name: Carrie Rodda

Business Name: Mobo Group

Phone Number: 08 8582 2832

Email address: carrie.rodda@mobogroup.com.au

Website address: https://www.mobogroup.com.au/employment-services/

Physical address: 1a Wilson St, Berri SA 5343

What does your business do? Disability Employment Services and NDIS Support

What area do you serve? Disability Sector

How long have you been in business? The Mobo Group has been in business for 57 Years.

Did you found the business? No

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To learn from others experiences, share my own, and connect with other like minded women who are building and growing their businesses. I also feel this would be a great opportunity as connections grow to be able to support other businesses with managing their employees.