Meet Professional Organiser – Lauren Jackman

Organise your space and eliminate the clutter in your life with Lauren Jackman from Serene Spaces For You. Read more about Lauren and her business here:

Name: Lauren Jackman

Business Name: Serene Spaces for You

Phone Number: 0422815531

Website address: serenespacesforyou.com.au

Email address: serenespacesforyou@gmail.com

Physical address: Christies Beach 5165

What does your business do?

Serene Spaces For You was developed in a bid to help other people live in a more organised, serene space with belongings that truly matter to them. We offer a non-judgmental approach and will guide you in a relaxed yet focused way. Once we have eliminated the clutter, we will reorganise your space and help you learn new skills to keep it organised and enable you to enjoy your serene space.

Our SERENE approach:

Share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal space

Eliminate and declutter items, by sorting them into discard and donate

Reorganise your belongings so they are accessible and look aesthetically pleasing, we will teach you skills to keep your space working for you and your family

Everything in its place, we will find a home for all your treasures

New lease of life, a feeling of lightness and well being is restored

Enjoy a serene, organised space for you to relax in

Our ‘ Serene photo ready’ package is ideal for people wanting to sell their home We offer a fresh pair of eyes and take the stress out of preparing to market your home for sale. Photographs taken for online property sale sites will often be the first impression a potential buyer will look at, these photos need to stand out from the rest and entice them to book a viewing. Serene Spaces For You can help show off your property to its full potential and help gain you the highest price for your property. We will help utilise the belongings you currently own and help create a space that will work for potential vendors and rental purposes, thus saving you money.

What area do you serve? 30 km from Christies Beach , jobs outside this radius will incur a fuel charge

How long have you been in business? SInce July 2019

Did you found the business? Yes

Please provide some dot points about your business journey:

  • 11 years Primary School Teaching
  • Emigrated from the UK in 2019
  • New country so new career sounded good too
  • Did online professional organiser training and went from there and havent looked back

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  1. Just start!
  2. you need to be self motivated and at times thick skinned

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? to network with other local business women.