Meet the multiple business arms of Teresa McLuckie

Teresa McLuckie is multi-talented, founding and running four businesses, focused on connecting SA Food Producers and Consumers. Read more about Teresa:

Name: Teresa McLuckie

Business Name: Trace Foodsteps I The Gourmet Entertainer I Trace SA Productions I Lenswood Foods

Phone Number: 0419 891 845

Website address: https://tracefoodsteps.com

Email address: my.sa.food@tracefoodsteps.com

Physical address: Heathfield

What does your business do? Connecting SA Food Producers and consumers. Facilitating eCommerce selling platforms including Alibaba, logistics and consolidation, and creation of marketing and digital media content.

What area do you serve?  South Australia

How long have you been in business? 8 years

Did you found the business? Yes – all 4 businesses

Please tell us about your business journey: My vision is to grow the South Australian food industry and offer support mechanisms to SME food businesses. I have four businesses:

The Gourmet Entertainer is a condiments brand, 8 years old, and a range of 6 products. We used to manufacture 25,000 jars per year at home, where I developed the products, ran the kitchen, did the distribution to the independent retailer stockists, did in store tastings and was a stallholder at markets. Now most of this is outsourced, except for the marketing, which is something I really love to do.

Lenswood Foods is a collaboration with Lenswood Cold Store and another investor, to add value to SA primary produce. I work with the other board members and also get involved with the product and packaging development, and project/ manufacturing management. We supply both retail product and bulk/ wholesale products to market.

Trace Foodsteps is all about provenance and traceability storytelling for the SA food industry. As a photographer, social media finished content publisher, blogger and podcaster, I have a lot of fun with this business. I am developing other areas of the business including an ecommerce project.

Trace SA Productions is a collaboration with a business partner providing photography and videography services. We are licensed drone operators and have a studio, props etc. My passion is photography and photo and video editing and my partner is videographer.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey? Cash flow planning and obtaining industry support is crucial to success.

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? A great opportunity to share my offerings and to be a part of a supportive and like minded network. I like the vibe of the platform, it is inspirational and caring, a good fit for me and the way I do business.