Meet Tracey of Electrochild

There’s a growing concern about the use and abuse of plastics, so Tracey Hebinger is doing something about it … turning unwanted plastic into homewares, art and practical items through her business ElectroChild Repurposing SA.

Find out more about the business and Tracey in her profile below:

Name: Tracey

Business Name: ElectroChild Repurposing SA

Website address: http://www.electrochild.com.au/

Physical address: Cape Jervis

Email address: hello@electrochild.com.au

What does your business do? As local artists based in Cape Jervis South Australia, we are concerned about the environmental impact of one-use plastics. We think that it’s exciting to make reusable products into beautiful useful homewares from a plastic that would otherwise be used for landfill. With your support we can give waste plastics a new life and help educate the community on how important it is to recycle plastic and other matter that is non degradable. Our waste PLA products are artistically hand made into a marbled array of colours. Each item is a one off, with its own unique and style. Our homewares and planet friendly bags are practical and made for long term use, all made with a love for all things ethically made.

Did you found the business? Yes

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To network and gain confidence with like-minded women and grow our business with valuable knowledge and ideas from other enterprising women.