Met Deb Purvis of Robinson Sewell Purvis

Deb Purvis is an Agribusiness specialist with over 25 years experience in the industry. Deb knows you celebrate your wins and learn from your mistakes and she applies this philosophy and combined with her experience and knowledge of agribusiness throughout South Australia, ensures she gives her clients the best advice, solutions and support possible. Read more about Deb and Robinson Sewell Purvis (RSP):

Deb Purvis

Name: Deb Purvis

Business Name: Robinson Sewell Purvis

Phone Number: 0409 438 115

Email address: deb@robinsonsewell.com.au

Website address: www.robinsonsewell.com.au

Physical address: Wallaroo

What does your business do? RSP provide funding solutions for financial restructuring, refinancing, business expansions/acquisitions, working capital and equipment finance. We specialise in agribusiness, vineyard and wineries but can assist with any commercial lending. Our experience and knowledge of how the debt finance market works is invaluable when advising and negotiating with finance providers on your behalf. We carefully listen to your requirements, assess how these can be best met and ensure you are getting the best possible finance deal for your business. I also provide Advisory Board support to farm businesses across South Australia

What area do you serve? South Australia

How long have you been in business? Three years

Did you found the business? No

Please provide up to 5 dot points about your business journey:

  • I have worked in finance and agriculture for the last 25 years
  • Finance officer and current member of the Hart Field Site Board
  • I was a Rural Financial Counsellor for 11 years prior to starting my own commercial finance broking business

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  • Don’t be distracted by what others are doing
  • Celebrate your wins, learn from your mistakes

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? Network with other business owners in regional SA Learn what others are doing in their businesses and hopefully gain some insights that may help me with mine.