Tina helps us get more from our family time

Tina Bambury

We’d all like to spend more time with family and our children, and that’s the motivation behind the business founded by Murray Bridge’s Tina Bambury, called P.L.A.Y. with a Purpose.

Find out more about Tina and her business journey in the profile below:

Name: Tina Bambury

Business name: P.L.A.Y. with a Purpose Pty Ltd – if searching on net PLAY with a Purpose as most people look for the word play

Phone Number: 0467 096 402

Email: info@playwithapurpose.com.au

Website: www.playwithapurpose.com.au

Address: Murray Bridge

What does your business do?: At PLAY with a Purpose we make resources and opportunities for children, families and educators so they have more time to play with purpose together!

We have “Music Miracles” classes at Murray Bridge Community Centre weekly during school terms.

Our resources include:

  • Visual Morning & Afternoon Routines and other visual communication tools available for families and educators to smooth out that morning and afternoon so everyone knows what’s happening next! See the website for photos.
  • Feelings Bags Funky & Original are available now and are filled with sensory tools that support anyone who may need or like sensory experiences or seek them out to help calm or regulate their bodies and emotions.
  • Feelings Books for older and younger children use photos to help identify which emotion they might be feeling and name it, enabling greater self-awareness.
  • Our feelings friends are a great little friend that can be squeezed, pressed and rolled around. A great tool to have in your bag or theirs to use when out and about. These are available through our website and at market or fair days we attend.
  • We also have groups and resources available for the Early Years Educators.
  • Our new centre visual routines are available now and can be tailored to your service specific times and activities during the day.
  • Puppets, Song Choice Charts & more.

We can come out to your service for a quick 15-minute meeting to show you what we have available.

Areas I serve: Murray Bridge, Karoonda, Monarto, Mount Barker, Nairne, Mobilong, Mannum, Avoca Dell, Tailem Bend, Jervois, Online: South Australia, Australia Wide

When was the business founded?: I have been in business for 5 years and founded the business myself. Originally in Sydney in 2014-2017 and 2018-2019 due to family reasons have moved to Murray Bridge almost two years ago.

My business journey: After working in both office work and early intervention and childhood for several years, I decided to utilise my skills and start my own business.

I have sub contracted mainly in the first couple of years and then when that contract finished, reinvented and rejuvenated the business to market to non profit organisations and also engaged with an entrepreneur organisation for 12 months to learn more about business during these first few years.

I learned about creating a vision, mission and values and this was instrumental in my narrowing of my fears over time. It has continually evolved and changed my mindset as I respond to my play with a purpose community.

After our move to Murray Bridge I have been focused on family for some time however have just initiated some new ideas as a result of ‘market testing’ through holding a couple of stalls at market days in the local area. This has helped me to discover how best to support the people within my local area.

During a recent trip to Darwin I made some cold calls to early childhood centres and asked if I could show them some of my resources if they could spare 15 minutes of their time. As a result of these calls I made several appointments and have potential orders and two definite orders.

Just recently I received my second order on my website as a result of my advertising through a local market day and Facebook as they are a local person! I am so excited!

My learnings:

I have learned so many things from startup to now, however the two main things would be:

  • Keep trying and keep reinventing until you find the things that resonates with your community
  • Acknowledge and recognise that even though you might be scared or anxious it’s okay and do it anyway!

I have grown so much as a person since I have been in business, it is a radically different mindset and being open to change and flexibility and stepping out into the unknown has been scary, exciting and exhilarating all at once and I love it!

Why did you join the network? I joined the Women in Business Regional Network to learn more, create referral partnerships, and make friends in the local area.