Welcome to Susanna Philbey

Meet Susanna Philbey, one of our newest members. Susanna launched her business Life Directions Planning 3 months ago, offering her clients practical and holistic retirement planning support. Her purpose and passion is helping others to help themselves. Read more about Susanna:

Name: Susanna Philbey

Business Name: Susanna Philbey – Life Directions Planning

Phone Number: 0427 232 093

Email address: susanna@susannaphilbey.com.au

Website address: www.susannaphilbey.com.au

Physical address: 11204 Spencer Highway Wallaroo SA 5556

What does your business do? I would love to support you to create a practical and holistic retirement plan! Together we will discuss – more than just money – the areas that you may not have thought of before, that make up a well rounded vision and action plan. Over approx 5 conversations, we will cover the areas of ‘where you are now to where you want to be’; yes, the finances; relationships, social times, the legals, mindset, location, working – or not – hobbies and lifestyle choices. I will be there to support and guide you along the way with worksheets, information and accountability. Our first ‘getting to know each other’ conversation is free and of course, there is no-obligation to purchase, at all. I love conversations and would love to hear your story!

What area do you serve? Australia

How long have you been in business? 3 months

Did you found the business? yes

Please provide some dot points about your business journey:

  • Administration, project management and book-keeping in many and varied business and volunteer organisations.
  • Previously self employed as a support co-ordinator with NDIS participants, overseeing their plan budget and sourcing service providers to support their daily life and activities.

Name two things you’ve learned from your business journey?

  • That I operate professionally and have a variety of transferable skills to offer.
  • That the back office is as important to survival as the sales and the service front office.

Why did you join the Women in Business Network? To connect and network, to support my health and the health of my business.