Meet Deborah Geerts and her three businesses

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Meet Deborah Geerts and her three businesses
After founding, and now owning and operating two Victor Harbor businesses, Plus Printing and What’s Your Desire, you wouldn’t think Deborah Geerts had time for anything else. But Deborah and husband Bryan have also set up a First Aid company, FAFM First Aid Training, merging this first aid training company from a non accredited training organisation to an accredited training organisation. Read more about Deborah and her three businesses.

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Plus Printing

Plus Printing, Victor Harbor printers located at 29 Albert St, Victor Harbor, specialise in custom printing for a large array of products from the everyday to the quirky and fun. Providing afforable, personalised printing, we like to think outside the box to produce the quirky the cool and the one thing that you can get for that someone who has everything! If you need to stand out come and see us!

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