The WIB Nook

Nook women in business programThe WIB Nook program offers cost-effective group coaching/mentoring and a library of business resources.

Want more support and assistance for your business for less than the cost of a good pub meal a month (or a coffee and cake a week)?

Welcome to the Women in Business Regional Network’s NOOK program offering you additional help, training and business resources to help keep you on track.

Why the Nook?

A nook is defined as a small quiet corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room, often used for reading. So the WIB Nook is a smaller group of the larger network where you can escape for more intimate coaching and assistance and take time out of your busy life to focus on developing you and your business through reading, conversations and additional support.  Participants will also be able to take advantage of the accountability factor of being part of small coaching groups.

Program inclusions:

The NOOK program includes the following on a monthly basis:

  • Free entry to the monthly Women in Business Regional Network general members online catchup sessions (usually 12 per year).
  • Monthly one-hour group sessions with Nook members to look at specific progress and issues within your business. Designed to get jobs done.  Maximum of 6 people per session.  Think of this as a form of “group therapy” for women in business. These will be offered at set days each month and you will likely remain in the same group throughout the program.  Every effort will be made to ensure competing businesses are not in the same group.
  • 1 x business e-book every four weeks, including any templates or resources associated with the topic.
  • Fortnightly business tips.

Additional discounts and opportunities are expected to open up to NOOK members in the future.

There are a range of topics that will be covered, and the program is being added to all the time.  Some of the topics covered will include business planning, marketing, social media, time management, OH&S, human resources and employment, online presence, websites, events, presenting in public, networking, insurance, budgeting, accounts and much more.

NB: The program is rolled out on a “drip” basis which means the content will be stepped out on a month by month basis ie by the end of Month 1 you will have a month’s worth of content only, not the full program.

The cost:

WIB Nook membership is valued at around $90 per month … but don’t worry, we’re not charging that much!

Our regular monthly price is $35.00 per month (inc GST)

If you’ve got a discount code as part of our first intake of participants please click on the Discount Code area on the signup form.

Payment can be by credit card (through the Stripe platform) or via Paypal.

The program is charged on a monthly basis via direct debit, and is designed to be an ongoing program.  Once you sign up you will have your payment debited each month from your chosen funds source.

NOTE: The program is only open to those who are already financial Standard Members or Corporate Members of the Women in Business Regional Network.

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel at any time, but no refunds will be issued for unused portions of the month. 

Because of the nature of the program, a cancellation and reactivation of your program may result in replication of the resources provided.  We encourage you to contact us first if you wish to reactivate a cancelled program.

Should your Standard or Corporate membership of the Women in Business Regional Network lapse, your membership to the Nook will also lapse.


Read our WIB Nook program terms and conditions here


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